Sofie Heyman, MFT Infertility Counselor at Couples and Family Wellness CenterInfertility wasn’t part of the plan.

It seems like your friends are getting pregnant so easily, so why isn’t it happening for you?

You find yourself with more doctor appointments, tracking charts, and blood tests than you care to think about. Fertility treatments are making you feel crazy and your spouse is losing patience with your mood swings.

You finally have the baby you’ve dreamed of, but you can’t enjoy being a mother because of depression, obsessive thoughts, or being overwhelmed and having trouble functioning.

Sofie understands that, for many, having a baby is not a simple process. Whether you are trying to conceive or you are facing challenges post-partum, Sofie is there to help

Sofie’s specialties include:

  • Fertility and postpartum
  • Individual, couple, and family counseling of addiction
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Anxiety, depression, and stress

Sofie is not accepting new clients at this time.