Looking for marriage counseling?

You don’t really want to go somewhere to just fight with your spouse in front of a stranger. But that is what you think might happen if you were to seek out counseling for your relationship. You wonder what is going to change things for you and your partner, because staying this way, having the same old fights, not having good sex, and not feeling intimately connected at all can’t continue. 

Our counselors are Marriage and Family Therapists who are trained to help couples decide whether to stay or go and if they decide to work through it, they use specific tools to help you reconnect with your partner. If you and your partner decide to divorce, we also help you divorce well, without the emotional trauma that can come with uncoupling your lives.

Maybe it’s too late?

We don’t believe in “too late.” You are here now, looking for help and maybe this is the perfect time to change things in your relationship. Why continue to be miserable if you don’t have to? No matter the outcome of your relationship, we are here to help.   Contact us today at 610-889-2089 or click here to schedule a couples counseling session.