When you or your loved ones need help, the Couples and Family Wellness Center is here.

The Couples and Families Wellness Center is founded on the belief that relationships are the true marker of health. We serve the entire family, from individual adults, couples and families, to teens and ‘tweens.

We are in-network with some insurance plans and can offer a limited number of low-fee and pro bono appointments. Call or email to discuss financial arrangements.

In-person and telehealth sessions are provided for your comfort and convenience.

Couples and Family Wellness center lobby

What We Offer

We believe you need a counselor who understands your particular needs and is able to give you specific tools that will help you and your family. We offer a free 15-minute consult to match you with the counselor who is the perfect fit.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best experience, with the best counselor, specializing in exactly what you need. You need a place to go that feels safe, with people who are qualified to assist you.

Three Pennsylvania offices to serve you:
Berwyn, Paoli, and Elkins Park

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