profile photo of Eva Fedick, LSW

I enjoy working with teens, young adults (13-25), and couples, especially if you feel as if you exist outside of societal norms. One or more of you may be under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, polyamorous relationships, kinky couples, etc. You might be seeking to understand your sexual self and to connect with sex in a more fulfilling or open-minded way. You may be a teen, young adult, or couples exploring sexual orientation or gender identity who would like to work with a therapist trained to provide assessments, letters, and support around the gender transition process. Maybe you struggle to manage the impact of ADHD on your relationships and life.

I use a strengths-based work that utilizes the unbreakable power for growth that each person contains. This includes: Mindfulness and bodily awareness that help us connect mind and body; a systemic lens, in order to recognize ways that humans are comprised of each ‘person’ we have ever been, and each experience we have been through, and; emotionally-focused therapy, especially aspects of emotional awareness, understanding where emotions are rooted, and regulating those emotions in order to help foster healthy coping skills, inner peace, and deep connection.

Personally, all of my best ‘conversation starters’ are about animals or human sexuality; I find both topics to be fascinating, enlightening, and full of wonder and joy.

I am on a lifelong journey to manage and work with my ADHD, which has led me to deep compassion for and understanding of those of us in the neurodivergent community. Through self-care, finding balance in many areas of life, medication, research, reflection, and therapy, I am constantly gaining confidence and wisdom that I hope to share with others on the same path.

Eva is qualified to provide gender affirming letters.

Registered Delaware telehealth provider.