profile photo of Melissa Nedza, LPC

I wholeheartedly welcome you to therapy. Whether you have been in therapy before or this is your first time; you have made the time and commitment to work on yourself and I am grateful you are here!

You may want to work with me if you are an individual adult who experiences anxiety, panic attacks, depression, trauma, grief and loss, or chronic pain and/or medical issues. You might need support if you are or have been in a difficult relationship or marriage, or dealing with a partner who displays narcissism. I am especially equipped to help you deal with the challenges of parenting, especially parenting a special needs or highly-sensitive child.

I create a safe, welcoming environment where individuals can do their own healing work and learn skills to feel the best they can in body, mind, and Spirit. I go at your pace and make your goals the center of therapeutic work. Some of these skills include the use of a trauma-informed approach, recognizing the body-mind connection, and exploring ways to bring one’s nervous system back into balance. Mindfulness, EMDR, Internal Family Systems parts work, and CBT are modalities we may use.

I believe that tending to one’s own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health is a life-long process. As a mother and working parent, I practice a range of skills on a regular basis for my own well-being.