Are you and your partner noticing less emotional, physical, or sexual intimacy in your relationship? Does your exploration of non-monogamy feels overwhelming. Are you struggling to communicate in clear, compassionate ways? Are you and/or your partner LGBTQIA+, queer, non-monogamous, kinky, or sex workers who worry that a therapist might not understand where you’re coming from?

I get it – talking about sex can be difficult for many reasons. But it’s worth it. Human sexuality is a complex trait that evolves with us through the lifespan, and that evolution can bring up questions, issues, and areas of personal growth. These can be challenging to dive into on your own.

Maybe you’re the parent of a teen or young adult who is struggling with their gender or sexual identity. You want to support them, but you’re confused. You wonder: How do I know if this is real or just a phase? I can help support young adults, teens, and parents and families as your loved one navigates the often-scary process of figuring out who they are.

What if you’re dealing with general relationship or mental health issues? I can help you meet your goals as and individual or as part of a couple. I also work with teens and tweens struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, and adjustment challenges.

I’m a graduate of Widener University’s sex therapy program, and I’m also a queer, polyamorous woman. I understand how being part of a marginalized community can leave you feeling unheard. and can add a unique lens to your experiences, needs, and relationships. It is critical to me that my clients get to express themselves fully, and that they feel accepted and encouraged to grow.

If you are seeking a therapist who can relate to your worries and struggles, let’s work together!

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