Jamie Smith Teen Counselor at Couples and Family Wellness Center

Looking for teen counseling?
Could the whole family use some help?

You know something is not quite right with your child or teen. They won’t open up to you to tell you what is going on. They stay in their room with their eyes glued to their phone and you know this isn’t just the normal rollercoaster of adolescence.

This feels different.

They get anxious between the pressure to get good grades and the stress of relationships at school. Your child who was once filled with fun and laughter is a ball of emotions and they come out in surprising ways.

Honestly, it’s killing you to see your kid suffer and you just don’t know how to help.

You’ve thought about counseling before but thought things would get better over time. Whether your child or teen is showing signs of anxiety, relationship problems, symptoms of depression, behavioral problems, or ADHD, Jamie can help.

Jamie’s warm, laid-back personality engages kids and teens who aren’t talking to their parents about what’s going on in their lives. And guess what? She helps the parents too! It’s not just about the child, she helps the parents feel empowered to reconnect with their child. It’s better for the whole family.

Jamie’s specialties include:

  • Therapy for ‘tweens and teens
  • Family therapy
  • Marriage and couple counseling

Most of all, we know raising kids is tough. But we are confident it doesn’t have to be so hard for both you and your child. You haven’t failed. Rather, you need some expert support to get you through this moment in time and to set you up for future success.

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If you are desperate to help your teen or tween, or to reconnect with your spouse or partner, contact Jamie today to schedule an appointment for counseling in our Berwyn office.